See Him Coming

It's been a long time since I updated this blog with a post about what I have been doing. (Emm's also been updating her blog) So here goes... Last week was probably the busiest and most stressful week of College for me so far. The normal workload for College has been just manageable for me… Continue reading See Him Coming

Sermon Outline: The Vandalised Creation

Following on from my last post. Here's an outline from my sermon on Sunday. I not posting this because I think that it's extra-specially good, but for the sake of sharing ideas, getting feedback, letting people see how I'm going. As always comments are appreciated. The Vandalised Creation Genesis 3-11 Our Stories: Stories from the… Continue reading Sermon Outline: The Vandalised Creation

In the News

St Philip's Church was in the news last weekend. There was a brief article in the Sun Herald about a new Service we have been running during the week called Commuters' Church. Commuters' Church is a series of 3 ten minutes Church Services that we are running on Wednesday mornings between 8-9 O'Clock. Each Service… Continue reading In the News