Wilberforce – Politics

"God Almighty has set before me two great objects, the suppression of the Slave Trade and the Reformation of Manners." William Wilberforce, Journal (in case you're wondering, 'manners' was a way of speaking about morals, not which fork to use for the entree) Wilberforce's great inclination after being found by God, was to abandon politics… Continue reading Wilberforce – Politics

Wilberforce – The Wonder Years

Wilberforce was by all accounts a weedy bloke. A fact that doesn't really come out in all the stylized statues and paintings. He grew up in Yorkshire, in a wealthy family - his father traded across the Baltic and had been local mayor in Hull on two occasions. His first exposure to Christianity was through… Continue reading Wilberforce – The Wonder Years

City Soul

There was a interesting article in The Economist recently entitled 'In place of God'. It is a survey examining the central cultural institutions of the world's major cities. The title reflects the shift over the last century away from the Church as the central cultural institution. Leaving aside for a moment the problem with regarding… Continue reading City Soul

Aboriginal Islam

A couple of weeks ago there was a fascinating report in the Sydney Morning Herald about the rising number of Aboriginal Australians who are converting to Islam. Anthony Mundine is the most high profile convert and the article carried a large photograph of Mundine. The people interviewed believed that Islam was a religion free of… Continue reading Aboriginal Islam