Reliable Love

Indeed, fully reliable love can only be the resurrected life of one who has died for the beloved ones. Contemporary society speaks much of 'unconditional' love, and is always disappointed. If I commit myself in love, I may die of it. If I do not, my love remains uncertain; if I do, it is lost—unless I rise again. When… Continue reading Reliable Love

The Jealousy of God in Ezekiel 5

I'm reading through Ezekiel at the moment in parallel with a series we're doing at our church. I've taken Robert Jenson's commentary on Ezekiel in the Brazos series along for the ride (I picked it up for $5 at Koorong). I've been working through his Systematic Theology with some friends over the course of the… Continue reading The Jealousy of God in Ezekiel 5