Graven Images

Movies borrow the emotionally situating power of music, add that to the identity-shaping power of narrative, and mold them both onto a visual representation that appeals to our criterion of truthfulness. - that's almost certainly a convenient simplification, but something along these lines is happening. The danger (is it a danger? or am I just… Continue reading Graven Images

Landscaping and Shaping

Perhaps it is all part of ruling and subduing? Perhaps so, but that doesn't answer the question 'why this form?' That humanity has been given a a mandate to landscape our surroundings does not relieve the question about the shape to which we're 'scaping. I suppose one answer would be that the Garden of Eden… Continue reading Landscaping and Shaping


There is an overgrown garden just outside the tiny village of Laurel Hill, in the Snowy Mountains. Not much is known of the history of this garden, I've heard that it used to be a Cobb & Co Hotel in the days of Early Australian Settlement. Whatever buildings once stood there are now long destroyed.… Continue reading Landscaping

Cinema and Seeing

Moving Pictures, Cinema, Television - that whole realm of art - is arguably the greatest artistic innovation of the last century. During this time many forms of artistic endeavor found new forms of expression. Technological progress enabled new ways of production, recording, and distribution of art. However, and I'm willing to admit that I haven't… Continue reading Cinema and Seeing