Dripping with Fat

Tribesfolk spared us and cared for us for good reasons. Our reasons. As age’s counterfeits, forerunners of the city, we survived, and multiplied. Out of self-defence we invented the Self. It’s likely we also invented some of love, much of fertility (see the Willensdorf Venus) parts of theology (divine feasting, Unmoved Movers) likewise complexity, stateliness,… Continue reading Dripping with Fat

Psalm 65:1-4

A silence of praise is yours, Sounds unsounding ring out. In broken language and crippled moves, We complete our vow. Every word is yours, and still words fail Every move is yours Let us give praise! To you, all flesh is turned, Into your ear, our hearts and hurts are poured. The Hearer, the Ear… Continue reading Psalm 65:1-4