The post-rapturous vision: empty mega-churches

Archie Poulos has been wondering why Sydney doesn't have Anglican mega-churches here. While over here, Joe Johnson has an exhibition of photos of empty mega-churches (if you can't see the pics, look under artists for 'Joe Johnson'. Aren't the interwebs full of strangeness and serendipity? Generally, I'd say that mega-churches exist for the same reasons… Continue reading The post-rapturous vision: empty mega-churches

Philosophical Letters: Introduction

Greetings from Epiphenomenos to his friend Eraunetes. You warm my heart dear friend, who would have thought that one man could make so many kebabs from a single Ass? I wonder if you would be willing to turn your ingenuity to another of my problems? This one is somewhat different, I think you'll find that… Continue reading Philosophical Letters: Introduction