Live from West Lindfield

This week is Moore College mission. The students from the College head out to work with local Churches around Sydney (and further afield) in reaching out to people to share our hope. I've been packed off to the jungles of West Lindfield. A suburb on Sydney's North Shore. It's about a 20min drive up the… Continue reading Live from West Lindfield


Lest we forget

Going to the Anzac Day Dawn service was an important tradition for my family as I grew up. My grandfather (Dad's father) fought on the Malayan Peninsula and was one of the many soldiers imprisoned after the fall of Singapore in the notorious Changi prison. He grew vegetables for the other prisoners, and had his… Continue reading Lest we forget


Emma's off to her Tuesday night Diploma of Biblical Studies Course. I'm stuck at college for a couple of hours. It's usually a great night to get some study out of the way and get ahead for the week. But not tonight. I'm exhausted. I only had 3 hours sleep before Church on Sunday -… Continue reading Update

Graduation Night

Tonight Emma and I have been out at the Moore College Graduation ceremony. All students are expected to go, but this year it was special because my sister Naomi graduated with her diploma in Bible and Missions. Graduation Night is a big deal, it's held at Town Hall, with about 1200 people attending. I helped… Continue reading Graduation Night