Crookwell II

Whenever we go to stay with Emma's parents (who have Foxtel) I always find myself watching British house-renovation programmes - mainly because Emma has a serious addiction to the LifeStyle channel. For a little while recently, it felt like we were in one. It had all the elements - a run-down house in the country,… Continue reading Crookwell II


We're back on the Air! It's been 20 days... Back then, Basil was battling the Pneumatomachoi, America was celebrating its independence from Britain, and Dr Haneef had yet to reveal that Australia well on the way to being run by the Stasi. How times change... I've been on a four week break from College, which… Continue reading Back

Electric Shadows

One of my favourite memories of Canberra was the late night movie screenings at the Old Electric Shadows Cinema. The cinema is closed now - it fell victim to the giant Dendy in the new Canberra Centre Mall. To set the scene, the Electric Shadows Cinema was a crazy underground twin cinema complex. The theatres… Continue reading Electric Shadows