Researching Basil

I think I have to face up to the truth that I've temporarily lost my love of writing. It's been pretty choppy for the past couple of weeks. It probably has a lot to do with coming to the end of a semester at College. Hey, I've completed my first semester at College! I'm 1/8th… Continue reading Researching Basil

Wild Greeks

Things went a little quiet around the site this past week. I've got a bit more Wilberforce to finish off but a Greek Exam created a bit of a hiccough. The exam was on Friday afternoon from 2-4. Really, I ask you, what maniac came up with that idea? After the past fortnight dominated by… Continue reading Wild Greeks

Mission Vid

Here is a video from our recent college mission to West Lindfield. It's part of a report on the mission that we are doing for our chapel service tomorrow morning.