I bet all I have on Jesus

I've just been listening to a song called "Real Hope" by Colin Buchanan. We're thinking about using it for our Men's Breakfast at the Golf Club on Saturday (now looking for someone who can play and sing). Ed Frost is speaking about being "Real Men" under three headings: Blood, Sweat, and Tears. The idea is… Continue reading I bet all I have on Jesus

Jesus is the Problem to our Solution

"Jesus is the problem to our solution!" That's what a guy on our mission team announced to a class full of kids this morning. He meant it the other way around, but there was so much conviction and authority in his voice that apparently he got away with the mistake. It's an oddly profound mistake… Continue reading Jesus is the Problem to our Solution

To change a life

This week I'm away on mission in Springwood. The best thing about Mission is getting to see and hear brothers and sisters from College as they get their hands dirty with preaching, teaching, encouraging, and organising ministry - as they plant and water the gospel seed. Last night my good friend Anthony preached a cracker… Continue reading To change a life

Getting There

Well, we are now broadcasting live from South Africa. As you can see we have internet access, we hired a mobile broadband modem at the airport in Johannesberg. I was hoping that I would be able to provide people with a phone number, we got a SIM card for our phone at the airport as… Continue reading Getting There