Prophetic Dress Code

Some more Foucault soundbites, “If sex is repressed, that is, condemned to prohibition, non-existence, and silence, then the mere fact that one is speaking about it has the appearance of a deliberate transgression. A person who holds forth in such language places himself to a certain extent outside the reach of power; he upsets established… Continue reading Prophetic Dress Code

History of Sexuality

You may not be one for gazing adoringly at your own belly-button lint... ...but if Philosophy is your thing and you are interested in thinking through how Christians can engage with our culture about sex and sexuality, then its well worth getting to know Michel Foucault. French, Post-Modern, Gay, Bracingly Bald. Ready to just reach… Continue reading History of Sexuality

Sex and Death

Emma and I were walking through the Botanic Gardens last week. It was raining so we were snuggled up under our umbrella. We were on our way to my new favourite Sydney Cafe - the Poolside Cafe at Andrew ‘Boy’ Charlton Pool down on the edge of the water near Lady Macquarie’s Chair. We were… Continue reading Sex and Death