The Language of Friendship

Sometimes it’s difficult to know who your friends are. Strangely, this truth extends beyond head-shaking experiences of betrayal, and into more trivial domains of linguistics. We’ve already noted the potential dangers of attempting to find out friendship through a simple word study, as though a dictionary entry could tell you what it means to shake… Continue reading The Language of Friendship

The New 14 Day Rail Pass.

The winner of the 'Captain Obvious Award that Rewards People for Stating Things that are Clearly Obvious to Everyone with Half a Brain' goes to: Is it any wonder people don't use public transport? I don't know whether to be offended or very, very afraid. The wondrous irony is that, as you can only buy… Continue reading The New 14 Day Rail Pass.

A Fork

Words are like cups or forks or jumbo jets or carpet. The ontology of language is not to be separated out from general ontology. Theories of language have been betwitched by Platonic ontology. The assumption that language is essentially about reference is just another manifestation of the Platonic ontological claim that the essence of a… Continue reading A Fork