The Christ Files

We just finished watching The Christ Files with people from Church. Historian Dr John Dickson sets out to discover what we can know for certain about the life of one of history’s best known and most influential figures. In a captivating journey across the globe, Dr Dickson examines ancient documents and consults the world’s most… Continue reading The Christ Files

Dear Baby Jesus

We watched Talladega Nights last week. It's not exactly high-brow comedy, but at the end of a long day... you know. This clip where Ricky Bobby (Will Ferrell) is saying grace for his family is hilarious and yet deeply disturbing. It's a great illustration of something John Calvin wrote, For as rashness and superficiality are… Continue reading Dear Baby Jesus

Studying Mark

Well, there's been a bit of a hiatus here for the past week. I've been working on an essay for our New Testament 1 course at Moore Theological College. My essay topic is: What is the significance of the feeding miracles for Mark’s presentation of the ministry of Jesus? Deceptively simple, hey? I'm really enjoying… Continue reading Studying Mark