Geocaching around Crows Nest, Manly, Dee Why

Emma and I did some more geocaching around Sydney with Russ and Naomi yesterday. Russ and Naomi are part of a car-sharing scheme called Go-Get. They booked a Cooper-Mini for the afternoon and we hooned around in that. Our hunt took us to St Thomas' Cemetery in Crows Nest - there was an ammo container… Continue reading Geocaching around Crows Nest, Manly, Dee Why

Geocaching in Manly

On the weekend Anthea came up from Canberra and stayed over with us on Saturday night. We went off to Manly on the ferry with her and Dave, and met Kate and Hamish over there. Emma is newly involved in the sport of 'Geocaching' which is something like a global treasure hunt using GPS. We… Continue reading Geocaching in Manly