Forgiveness: Heads of Discussion

Questions about how, when, why, and what to forgive have provided a staple of philosophical, theological, and practical moral inquiry ever since the Western cultural tradition developed out of the twin inheritances of Judeo-Christian and Greco-Roman thought. In fact, at a later stage in my project I hope to demonstrate that some of these questions… Continue reading Forgiveness: Heads of Discussion

Forgiveness: Concepts and Stories

So I'm having another conversation about forgiveness. It's a bit of an occupational hazard when word gets out you're researching the topic for a PhD. The girl sitting across the table from me wants advice. I've never met her before but a friend put us in touch. She wants to know how to forgive. She… Continue reading Forgiveness: Concepts and Stories

On Pity

What is the place of the emotions in seeking to understand ourselves, and more importantly, in seeking to know God? I suspect that your first reaction is that the emotions must have a role to play, and probably, an important role. You might secretely even think that it's appalling to be asking the question. Strangely… Continue reading On Pity