Atheism for the incorrigibly religious

"Throughout my career I've been in search of guidance... ... I don't believe the business of life is obvious..." - Alain De Botton Sydney Opera House, 23rd February 2012 Went to see De Botton last night, courtesy of a friend's spare ticket and too busy wife. I try to cultivate a studied disdain for De… Continue reading Atheism for the incorrigibly religious


Q&A: God, Science, and Sanity (1)

So, I was on the ABC TV show Q&A last night. You can download the podcast here (copy the link into iTunes or whatever). I've been chatting about the experience with various people over the past few days and thought I might try to set out a couple of reflections here. But first, some background...… Continue reading Q&A: God, Science, and Sanity (1)