On Essaying

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Here’s something to get started…

Knowledge of ourselves is the foundation and precursor to knowledge of the world – this was Socrates’ greatest insight.
It was the divine Spark of from Hellas that set this whole Circus train on its tracks. But somehow in the gritty present it seems easier to know other things first.
Well, it seems that way…
…but we’ve been building a house of cards.

So we are back where we started, and that’s not a bad place to be. Back with Socrates in the springtime of the world, lounging around under a spreading Plane tree, listening to the Cicadas (who apparently are listening to us).
And we must assay to know ourselves or we will really never know anything.

The “essay” – which should be understood as the assay or test by which, in the game of truth, one undergoes changes, and not as the simplistic appropriation of others for the purpose of communication – is the living substance of philosophy, at least if we assume that philosophy is still what it was in times past, i.e., an “ascesis”, an exercise of oneself in the activity of thought.
(Michel Foucault, The Use of Pleasure, History of Sexuality, Vol 2, p 9)

2 thoughts on “On Essaying

  1. I'm actually trying to do research for this post, which isn't happening very fast while college consumes all my time. thanks for the encouragement though 🙂


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