The South African Edge

There's this dimension to Church and life in South Africa that I've been trying to process all week. There is a more sharply defined edge to the theological significance of what Christians do together, just like there is a constant political assessment of how people relate. A friend in Australia who lived and studied here… Continue reading The South African Edge

Church on the Ridge

Church on the Ridge (COTR) is a church-plant gettting into its 3rd year here in Pietermaritzburg. It feels very similar to Crossroads Christian Church in Canberra, where Emma and I were members for many years. Sam Groves is the pastor and the whole show got off the ground when he and Deane (our host) met… Continue reading Church on the Ridge

Getting There

Well, we are now broadcasting live from South Africa. As you can see we have internet access, we hired a mobile broadband modem at the airport in Johannesberg. I was hoping that I would be able to provide people with a phone number, we got a SIM card for our phone at the airport as… Continue reading Getting There