Communicating God: Doctrine of Scripture 3

I got distracted in the last post... It's hard not too with so many different voices demanding to be heard. The image of the mechanically inspired prophet (ear-cocked, stylus at the ready, listening for the whispers from the beyond) seems a very long way from the full-on, multi-voiced shouting match that is enacted in the… Continue reading Communicating God: Doctrine of Scripture 3

How to apply the Old Testament: New Testament Contexts

For any Old Testament passage a crucial interpretive context is that surrounding the advent of Jesus. This has two dimensions, it involves understanding both how the people who were reading the OT and calling on God to be faithful to his promises anticipated and reacted to the coming of Jesus; and, how Jesus himself interpreted… Continue reading How to apply the Old Testament: New Testament Contexts

How to apply the Old Testament

Biblical Theology is all the rage in U.S. Reformed evangelical circles at the moment. This seems odd to Australians because biblical theology feels slightly passé. We've benefitted greatly from a number of biblical scholars (Donald Robinson, William Dumbrell, Graeme Goldsworthy) who made major contributions toward developing a distinctly evangelical biblical theology. What was fresh and… Continue reading How to apply the Old Testament