Heaving lifting for The Lost

The October edition of Southern Cross (Sydney's Anglican Newspaper) arrived yesterday - the cover story is a rev up for Connect 09 (the diocesan mission focus next year). The headline reads "C09: Hard Work Begins Now" and the byline, "As this month's Sydney Diocesan Synod gears up for 2009's Connect campaign, your church will be… Continue reading Heaving lifting for The Lost

Church may profit from doom – smh.com.au

Church may profit from doom - National - smh.com.au I love the complete lack of awareness that the person who formulated the headline had of the content of the article. More to the point, are the Uniting Church admitting defeat? The temptation for hardline evangelicals will be to point to this story as evidence of… Continue reading Church may profit from doom – smh.com.au

Viva la Vida

I'm listening to Coldplay's new album Viva la Vida. I think it's probably their best album to date - nothing that will blow your mind, just slightly-more-thoughtful-than-usual pop music. Though, they do have a way of dropping very good lines in their lyrics: Just because I'm losing, doesn't mean that I'm lost. I could see… Continue reading Viva la Vida