All who have departed —William Saumarez Smith

THE PREACHER'S PRAYER LORD, when my heart is slow to feel, And when my lips are slow to speak, And yet my heart still Thee doth seek, And yet my lips would Thee reveal; Then send Thy gracious Spirit, Lord, That He may my dull heart inspire, And touch my lips with heavenly fire, So… Continue reading All who have departed —William Saumarez Smith

What it means to preach.

I walked around in a daze yesterday. Felt like I'd spent the night going rounds in an underground Fight Club. My tender bits ached. There was this sort of slosh of spent adrenaline, an acid bath, chewing on the strings of my muscles. I couldn't write words, I kept misspelling or leaving out prefixes and… Continue reading What it means to preach.

William Perkins

I'm currently up to my eyeballs in reading for the Reformed Greats intensive unit at College. I was doing some research on William Perkins when I came across this little gem describing Perkins' preaching: “He used to apply the terrors of the law so directly to the consciences of his hearers, that their hearts would… Continue reading William Perkins