Deep Pass Campground

I went camping on the weekend, up on the edge of the Wollemi Wilderness area. I've never really been into the Blue Mountains, sure there are some nice looking rocks but the whole place is so utterly infested with people that I could never find it relaxing. I think I'm on the way to revising… Continue reading Deep Pass Campground

Pray for Kenya

This morning I got up early to join the weekly prayer meeting for our Church, we meet down stairs in the Parish lounge. Our Church has all kinds of struggles and difficulties, but it has some wonderfully welcoming and committed people, and, not unrelated to that, it has a small group who faithfully pray together… Continue reading Pray for Kenya

City Soul

There was a interesting article in The Economist recently entitled 'In place of God'. It is a survey examining the central cultural institutions of the world's major cities. The title reflects the shift over the last century away from the Church as the central cultural institution. Leaving aside for a moment the problem with regarding… Continue reading City Soul