Things You should know about Knowing. Part 2

I choose to start the story here. Also, if you don't want to wade through lots of guff, you can skip to point 10. The Scientist The Solipsist is now quietly crying into his beer, so you decide to call it a night. The Scientist and The Conversationalist took off yonks ago - only you… Continue reading Things You should know about Knowing. Part 2

The post-rapturous vision: empty mega-churches

Archie Poulos has been wondering why Sydney doesn't have Anglican mega-churches here. While over here, Joe Johnson has an exhibition of photos of empty mega-churches (if you can't see the pics, look under artists for 'Joe Johnson'. Aren't the interwebs full of strangeness and serendipity? Generally, I'd say that mega-churches exist for the same reasons… Continue reading The post-rapturous vision: empty mega-churches

Jerusalem and Athens

Whence spring those “fables and endless genealogies,” and “unprofitable questions,” and “words which spread like a cancer?” From all these, when the apostle would restrain us, he expressly names philosophy as that which he would have us be on our guard against. Writing to the Colossians, he says, “See that no one beguile you through… Continue reading Jerusalem and Athens