Elephant Boy Cafe

On the weekend Emma and I went for a trip up to Bowral. It was nice to get away from the city and breathe some fresh air. Bowral seems to be having an actual Autumn, unlike Sydney. The trees are turning and the air is crisp. I could smell the damp, earthy smell of the… Continue reading Elephant Boy Cafe

Retrospect: Mission Week

Mission week is over. They gave us a couple of days off at the start of this week to recover. Last year I led a team of student to mission at Laurieton, now I'm a first year student again and back on training wheels. It's a strange experience. I didn't mind not having much of… Continue reading Retrospect: Mission Week


Emma's off to her Tuesday night Diploma of Biblical Studies Course. I'm stuck at college for a couple of hours. It's usually a great night to get some study out of the way and get ahead for the week. But not tonight. I'm exhausted. I only had 3 hours sleep before Church on Sunday -… Continue reading Update