Words Between Us

For Nat, turning 2. I. It seems to me that, given the course of things, years will come when words will be no obstacle but catching each others'  meaning more than ever will elude. That's my intuition anyway and I believe it has some claim to a foundation in observation. Look at all these linguistically… Continue reading Words Between Us

Things You should know about Knowing. Part 2

I choose to start the story here. Also, if you don't want to wade through lots of guff, you can skip to point 10. The Scientist The Solipsist is now quietly crying into his beer, so you decide to call it a night. The Scientist and The Conversationalist took off yonks ago - only you… Continue reading Things You should know about Knowing. Part 2

A Fork

Words are like cups or forks or jumbo jets or carpet. The ontology of language is not to be separated out from general ontology. Theories of language have been betwitched by Platonic ontology. The assumption that language is essentially about reference is just another manifestation of the Platonic ontological claim that the essence of a… Continue reading A Fork