Ecclesiastico-Nationalist Narcissism

Anglican Mainstream » Blog Archive » What’s up Down Under? The Anglican Church Synod here in Sydney recently passed a resolution stating that it could see no Biblical or legal impediment to Deacons or lay people celebrating the Lord's Supper in Anglican Churches. If you're not an Anglican you might well be thinking, 'Big Deal'.… Continue reading Ecclesiastico-Nationalist Narcissism

I Love Anglicanism (a bit)!

I'm not always very positive about living in Sydney or about the Anglican Church but in a surprising turn of events I found myself feeling a tiny bit rosy about them both this evening. It was probably the Mongolian Lamb served on a sizzling hotplate from the Sussex St Food Court that did it. I… Continue reading I Love Anglicanism (a bit)!

Ma Siss’s Place

From a Dorchester chop shop, a place to pray - The Boston Globe This series of articles by Michael Paulson won a host of awards this year in the US, including the Templeton award for Religion Reporting. "The series, called “Ma Siss’s Place,” was judged a “memorable example of narrative journalism. As with the best… Continue reading Ma Siss’s Place

Breaking up

Diocese found breaking up hard to do, but still a relief - an interesting insight into what would be involved in breaking up the Anglican Communion.