The Dancers

The Anglican Church in Springwood last night hosted a Middle East Feast for women of the Church and any friends they might care to invite. Obviously, I didn't get to go, so this is a second hand report, but everyone I've heard says the evening was fantastic. There were well over 150 people at the… Continue reading The Dancers

I bet all I have on Jesus

I've just been listening to a song called "Real Hope" by Colin Buchanan. We're thinking about using it for our Men's Breakfast at the Golf Club on Saturday (now looking for someone who can play and sing). Ed Frost is speaking about being "Real Men" under three headings: Blood, Sweat, and Tears. The idea is… Continue reading I bet all I have on Jesus

To change a life

This week I'm away on mission in Springwood. The best thing about Mission is getting to see and hear brothers and sisters from College as they get their hands dirty with preaching, teaching, encouraging, and organising ministry - as they plant and water the gospel seed. Last night my good friend Anthony preached a cracker… Continue reading To change a life

Moore Confession

We are always and endlessly fascinated with knowing the truth about ourselves. I've been attending the Moore College Annual Lectures over the past couple of day, there are 2 to go next week. This year's speaker is Mike Ovey, the principal of Oak Hill Theological College in London. His topic is 'Repentance'. His particular angle… Continue reading Moore Confession