A Time for Everything: Lent: Part 2

Time, time time... By the time I get around to finishing this series of articles on an Evangelical observance of Lent, the season will have passed. In Search of Lost Time. But in order to understand Lent, we will not merely need to find the time, we will have to delve back into the memory… Continue reading A Time for Everything: Lent: Part 2

The Frustration of James Fraser

Do you ever get so overwhelmed with the number of different things you should do, that you end up sitting on your hands and doing nothing? That's me right now. I've been tormented over the past couple of weeks by a series of short reflections I'm supposed to be writing for my elective 'Reformed Greats'.… Continue reading The Frustration of James Fraser

William Perkins

I'm currently up to my eyeballs in reading for the Reformed Greats intensive unit at College. I was doing some research on William Perkins when I came across this little gem describing Perkins' preaching: “He used to apply the terrors of the law so directly to the consciences of his hearers, that their hearts would… Continue reading William Perkins

Chinese Election

A friend of mine who spent 2008 in China tells me that my blog is blocked there by the internet censors. Honestly, I don't know if I'm more saddened that a billion Chinese readers are currently being deprived of my wisdom and insight, or flattered that the Chinese Communist Party regards me as a potential… Continue reading Chinese Election