No one ever bothered to give me an english translation for the word 'Gemeinde', I worked it out for myself. It wasn't hard. The Leipzig English Church meet in the Gemeinde Hall of the Philippuskirche (St Philip's Church), the Free Evangelical Church calls itself a 'Gemeinde', and I stayed in a 'WG', the german abbreviation… Continue reading Gemeinde

Speaking in tongues

[This is a re-posting of a blog that I wrote for the Moore College Mission Blog] Here's a random fact: in Australia we refer to the game of table-soccer (little plastic men on rotating sticks) as 'Foosball' which is actually a German name ('fuß/foos' = foot). But in Germany they refer to the same game… Continue reading Speaking in tongues


I'm off to Germany. Currently I'm somewhere over the Pillaga scrub in Western NSW in the tail of a 747. My immediate travel companions are two very friendly Dutch people who've never met each other before and are interested in everything I can tell them about central Australia. Now the discussion is being continued in… Continue reading Up!