Chinese Election

A friend of mine who spent 2008 in China tells me that my blog is blocked there by the internet censors. Honestly, I don't know if I'm more saddened that a billion Chinese readers are currently being deprived of my wisdom and insight, or flattered that the Chinese Communist Party regards me as a potential… Continue reading Chinese Election

What will not be?

We've been studying eschatology in our doctrine classes for this past term, normally that would mean lots of discussion about the end of the world: whether we all get RAPTURED before or after the TRIBULATION, whether the 'MARK OF THE BEAST' is some sort of barcode or RFID tag, and whether the UN is really… Continue reading What will not be?

Zen Bishop

The news has come rattling over the wires in the past week that a diocese of The Episcopal Church (part of the Anglican Church in America) has elected a Buddhist as Bishop-elect of the Diocese of Northern Michigan. The reality is probably not quite as exciting, here are his words, I am quite honored, as… Continue reading Zen Bishop