I was having a coffee at Campos today with Emma and casually reading the paper over her shoulder. She was reading the Daily Telegraph (my glasses feel soiled from refracting light beams that have touched that Paper). Emma appears impervious to its evil muck. I noticed this 'pearl' from Jonathon Cainer, the Tele Astrologist: 'Nothing… Continue reading Astro-Ignominy


"If there is an intellectual direction in the culture that has developed over the last few centuries it is that which is rather barbarously labelled 'immanentism'. That is to say, the phenomenon which at once characterises a culture and sets for Christian theology its central problem is the widely accepted belief that the world can… Continue reading Immanentism

City Soul

There was a interesting article in The Economist recently entitled 'In place of God'. It is a survey examining the central cultural institutions of the world's major cities. The title reflects the shift over the last century away from the Church as the central cultural institution. Leaving aside for a moment the problem with regarding… Continue reading City Soul

Sex and Death

Emma and I were walking through the Botanic Gardens last week. It was raining so we were snuggled up under our umbrella. We were on our way to my new favourite Sydney Cafe - the Poolside Cafe at Andrew ‘Boy’ Charlton Pool down on the edge of the water near Lady Macquarie’s Chair. We were… Continue reading Sex and Death