The post-rapturous vision: empty mega-churches

Archie Poulos has been wondering why Sydney doesn't have Anglican mega-churches here. While over here, Joe Johnson has an exhibition of photos of empty mega-churches (if you can't see the pics, look under artists for 'Joe Johnson'. Aren't the interwebs full of strangeness and serendipity? Generally, I'd say that mega-churches exist for the same reasons… Continue reading The post-rapturous vision: empty mega-churches

Hoping for Others

The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Westminster in England, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, last night gave a valedictory lecture at Westminster Cathedral. It includes an interesting perspective on the history of Catholicism in Britain over the last 160 years, but also some rather beautiful insights into the role of the Church in our secular society. The Church… Continue reading Hoping for Others