Antenatal Classes

[a nativity poem in three trimesters] The First Trimester Miriam’s chromosome in courting spirals Embraces another, such an other — an unfathomable Y. All the junk, viral, evolutionary, specific, sanctified, elected, DNA of humanity in his threadbare pockets. An utterly adopted son. A why of Adam and of Miriam’s flesh Of meiotic grace eternally begotten… Continue reading Antenatal Classes

Epiphany: Quote, Poem, Picture.

Three things before this Epiphany slips away into just another day: 1. A Quote: Imagine this as written by a Wise Man, a Magi from the West, who travelled far seeking the Christ. And found him. (It's dense so you might have to read it slowly). "It is not, of course, merely on different incidents… Continue reading Epiphany: Quote, Poem, Picture.

For God’s Elect in Shopping Malls.

For those who would not choose to grow old before the Son of Man comes. A woman with eyes painted on her boobs. Another reading 'dodgy', another inscrutable. Unfailingly matched to personal genre. Thematised Personalities of the latter Capitalism. World writ on the chests of post-Christmas shoppers. On their post-Christmas T-Shirts. Taunt as these turgid surplus… Continue reading For God’s Elect in Shopping Malls.