The Kingdom of Power

It's now the second week of the Uni exam period. Many of the students are now finished for the year and are drifting back to their homes for the long Summer holiday, or getting involved in summer casual work here in Canberra. My focus of work has moved from the campus to writing sermons for… Continue reading The Kingdom of Power

The Beginning of Saying Goodbye

Looking back over the last few posts you'd be forgiven for thinking that there was nothing happening on the campus at the moment with the FOCUS ministry. That's not the case at all! I've been struggling a little (as I knew I would) with the tension between finishing this year well, and getting ready for… Continue reading The Beginning of Saying Goodbye

Grace and Work

Here's something a little bit different. I'm writing this blog from Starbucks in Circular Quay, Sydney. I'm killing time before I meet Emma after her first day working in her new job. I'm becoming an expert on wireless internet hotspots in the Sydney CBD. (I'm even thinking about creating a website that would let people… Continue reading Grace and Work