Worn Leather

I have a leather satchel that's getting a little worse for wear. It's sitting here on the bench beside me. It goes with me. I wear jeans most days, and most of the pairs of jeans I have outlasted in these past years have perished because the fabric on the right hand hip wore away,… Continue reading Worn Leather

The Bells

We used to live in a little cubical building, nave's length from a bell tower. An aisle's length, not quite, but every friday night it was a measured space, although not by paces; in concussions. From 6pm to 8pm the Ringers would gather - I imagine from curious little offices in narrow stone buildings, places… Continue reading The Bells

Divine Beauty

For all those undertaking theological study this year (whether as a student at a College, as the theologian gifted to a christian community, or just for the love of God)... Karl Barth has a wonderful discussion of the attributes of God (his 'perfections') in the second volume of the Church Dogmatics. The final of these… Continue reading Divine Beauty