Atheism for the incorrigibly religious

"Throughout my career I've been in search of guidance... ... I don't believe the business of life is obvious..." - Alain De Botton Sydney Opera House, 23rd February 2012 Went to see De Botton last night, courtesy of a friend's spare ticket and too busy wife. I try to cultivate a studied disdain for De… Continue reading Atheism for the incorrigibly religious

Q&A: God, Science, and Sanity (1)

So, I was on the ABC TV show Q&A last night. You can download the podcast here (copy the link into iTunes or whatever). I've been chatting about the experience with various people over the past few days and thought I might try to set out a couple of reflections here. But first, some background...… Continue reading Q&A: God, Science, and Sanity (1)


Call for submissions. By some weird act of providence I've been invited to join the Q&A audience on Monday night. One of the panelists is Professor Richard Dawkins of whom you may have heard 😉 I've also been invited to submit a question for Tony (aka The Thinking Women's Crumpet according to Emma) to ask.… Continue reading Questions…


I was having a coffee at Campos today with Emma and casually reading the paper over her shoulder. She was reading the Daily Telegraph (my glasses feel soiled from refracting light beams that have touched that Paper). Emma appears impervious to its evil muck. I noticed this 'pearl' from Jonathon Cainer, the Tele Astrologist: 'Nothing… Continue reading Astro-Ignominy

relative courage

“Few things are more striking than the change which has taken place during my own lifetime in the attitude of the intelligentsia towards the spokesmen of Christian opinion. When I was a child, bishops expressed doubts about the Resurrection, and were called courageous. When I was a girl, G. K. Chesterton professed belief in the… Continue reading relative courage