Words Between Us

For Nat, turning 2. I. It seems to me that, given the course of things, years will come when words will be no obstacle but catching each others'  meaning more than ever will elude. That's my intuition anyway and I believe it has some claim to a foundation in observation. Look at all these linguistically… Continue reading Words Between Us

We’ve been misled on boat people: what does it mean for our leaders?

Julian Burnside published an opinion piece on Australian Asylum Seeker policy today in the Sydney Morning Herald. (Please read). It was clear and factual. It outlined an eminently reasonable and humane asylum policy for a country signed to to the UN Refugee Convention. And yet, on reading it I felt a deep sadness because in… Continue reading We’ve been misled on boat people: what does it mean for our leaders?

Reliable Love

Indeed, fully reliable love can only be the resurrected life of one who has died for the beloved ones. Contemporary society speaks much of 'unconditional' love, and is always disappointed. If I commit myself in love, I may die of it. If I do not, my love remains uncertain; if I do, it is lost—unless I rise again. When… Continue reading Reliable Love