About this Blog

I’m a Christian living in Sydney Australia, currently studying at Moore Theological College. I’m married to Emma and we love sharing our lives together.About

This blog is an attempt to think through what I’m learning from God, and how I see this knowledge reordering the world.

It is intended to be Empirical (concerned with experience) and Theological. It inhabits the space where what I read and study intersects with what I feel, see, and live.

Occasionally it will be personal, other times it will be a little academic.

For more, see On Essaying. If you enjoy reading, feel free to leave comments, even contribute essays (contact me via email). I’m open to questions, encouragement, disagreement, anything you like. I’ll always endeavour to engage with you.About

You can subscribe to receive regular updates through RSS (if you’re not sure what this is, click here). RSS enables you to be notified when the site is updated so you don’t always have to check yourself. There is a link down in the bottom right corner of the page that will take you to the RSS feed.

For more about me, click the Bridge.

Thanks for reading!

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