Geocaching in Manly

On the weekend Anthea came up from Canberra and stayed over with us on Saturday night. We went off to Manly on the ferry with her and Dave, and met Kate and Hamish over there.
Emma is newly involved in the sport of ‘Geocaching‘ which is something like a global treasure hunt using GPS. We went geocaching along the path around the harbour side of Manly. It took us a while to find the cache. I was a little sceptical that we were going to find it at all. But Dave came through with the goods. It’s a pleasant way to get out for a walk. We got a geocoin that has travelled over from Canada. We are planning to take it to South Africa for its next stop.

In the gallery is a photo of Dave finding the cache and Emma retrieving it.
Ah, simple pleasures.
we had fish and chips on the beach with Kate and Hamish,
then caught the ferry back to the city and had a beer at the Belgian beer cafe – beer brewed by Monks who have been doing it for 800 years.
Time well spent I say.

If you are into geocaching and you don’t want spoilers, don’t look at the photos

6 thoughts on “Geocaching in Manly

  1. you see, I wasn't going to put the photos I took of you online, but now that you have put photos of me looking SO delightful I'm rethinking… Dan's nokia ad here we come… 😛


  2. lots of my favourite people all in one place…sounds/looks like you guys had a great day, next time I want to be there for the geocaching too!


  3. Hey, Katherine,
    next time I'll make sure you know about it. Maybe we'll try to organise something for April?
    You would have had to rub lots of sunscreen on your bald head 😉


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