Emma and I recently bought a property with my parents, in Crookwell, north-west of Goulburn. It’s a 4.5 bedroom cottage with 3 hectares of land right in the middle of town. The house is on the corner of the block with a huge poplar tree in the yard. The land slopes down to Kiama Creek, there’s a white wooden bridge, and over the other side is the main street of town.Crookwell - Bridge (This photo was taken when we first inspected the house.)
It’s pretty rustic but we really like it.
Crookwell is a great little town, people who live there obviously care for it a lot.

On Friday night we travelled down from Sydney to spend the night, we have a lot of cleaning and work to do to make the place ready for a tenant. The lady we bought the house from has left junk and rubbish all over the property. On top of that, the wet spring and summer seasons have also made the grass grow into a jungle. She also had dogs that lived in the house, so it’s a bit stinky inside. We need to clean the carpets, walls, windows, kitchen, everything; paint the inside (at the moment the rooms are painted in a remarkable assortment of ugly colours); tidy the gardens, remove all the junk. And that’s not even starting to think about the paddocks – full of weeds and thistles.
In short, there is lots of work to do.

Crookwell - Rooster We woke up to the sound of a rooster crowing on Saturday morning and found this bloke and his lady hen checking us out. He kept trying to come through the door so I had to put up a barricade. The sheep also turned up early to trim the grass in the yard before taking off to the bottom of the paddock near the creek to escape the heat. The sheep and the chooks all belong to the previous owner, the sheep are still there because she’s going to keep grazing the land for a while, since she’s only moved down the road, and the chooks just keep coming back because they have pea-brains.

We walked over the bridge to town for some breakfast, a very nice bacon and eggs at a cafe. The menu offered a ‘shearers breakfast’ – including lamb chops, bacon, sausages, mushrooms, eggs, tomato, who-knows-what-else, and thick toast. I wasn’t allowed to have that. But maybe I can when we finish work.
Anyway, I can recommend Catherine’s Cafe, “Crookwell’s Premier Refreshment Lounge”.

Here’s a video I made of the house and our first days work.

11 thoughts on “Crookwell

  1. Love the music that goes with it! Couldn't help teary eyes. Sure wish grandma could walk across the paddocks and over the liittle white bridge with us. When we knock off work one night next week, gonna lie on my back in that there paddock and count at the stars!


  2. That poplar could fall on the house and will have to come down( I AM a Queenslander) I can see an orchard with Cox's pippins. The house doesn't seem too bad. I think some of this urge to repaint and clean is just nesting instinct – too much hanging around chooks? Very nice. Look forward to a visit.


  3. well now I've viewed " Crookwell the video" complete with Bob soundtrack, I'm not sure reality could ever live up to it. It looks idyllic – Location, Location, Location, Dream Homes, Move to the Country- definitely. We were surprised at what good nick the house appears to be in – only in need of a good makeover and a bit of knocking here and there sometime down the road – keep watching the Lifestyle channel.

    Dueling Banjos from Deliverance might have added the necessary air of apprehension and tension, as you moved through the house on day one – I hope there are no surprises in the out house for you though .

    As we say in the industry – "excellent purchase with great potential."


  4. Looking forward to coming down to help/look sometime.Going away to camp near Seal Rocks tomorrow (5/1) for a week.
    Have a special family time together both celebrating at Leura on the 6th, and at Crookwell cleaning.
    Dan, your trip home from Crookwell via detour is reminisent of some of our Hadfield family picnic days !!


  5. Astonishing, isn't it, that one room has the wood panelling up to the split and the next room has the wacky pink?!

    The place looks delightful, say nothing of the shearer's breakfast (which you will well deserve having dealt with junk and jungles).


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