Cinema and Seeing

Moving Pictures, Cinema, Television – that whole realm of art – is arguably the greatest artistic innovation of the last century. During this time many forms of artistic endeavor found new forms of expression. Le Voyage dans la LuneTechnological progress enabled new ways of production, recording, and distribution of art. However, and I’m willing to admit that I haven’t thought about this in a great deal of depth, I’m not sure that anything else has arisen that enables such a significantly new representation of the world to ourselves.

The Cinema is a synthesis of visual representation, narrative, and sound. As such, a movie draws together elements from previously separate artistic disciplines into a powerful fusion. And like all Art, Cinema does not only represent the world to us, it provides an interpretive pattern for future viewings of the world.

Art shows us the world, and in doing so Art molds how we will see the world thereafter. It changes the relationship we have with the world.

In thinking, seeing, and believing, the making and watching of movies has made us different.

One thought on “Cinema and Seeing

  1. I find the link between the media and the message facinating. I read an interesting essay by Walter Benjamin last year which kind of thought of film and photography as a sort of marxist 'mode of production' and changes the way we consider art, objects and personhood. I think the essay was called "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction". Benjamin is a little 'different' in that he is very eclectic and mixes marxism, jewish mysticism and Hegel all over the place but it is an interesting read.

    – John


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