Last Weekend

Happy Engagement Michael and Trish!!

On Friday night Emma and I travelled down to Canberra for our Michael and Trish’s engagement. What with Sydney traffic and having to leave after Emma finished work, we didn’t make it to Canberra until around 10:30pm – just as the party was winding up.
We got to hear the speeches, which were by far the best I’ve ever heard at an Engagement. Well, they didn’t really have speeches – it was more like a press conference. All the guests were allowed to ask questions of the happy couple. I’m sure if they’d thought about this more it probably wouldn’t have happened. Some of the questions were hilarious. I particularly liked the reenactment of Michael’s proposal.
Anyway, they are special friends, it’s beautiful to see them building lives together.

This trip to Canberra was the first time we’d returned since the move to Sydney. I hadn’t realised how much I miss the people and the place. It was so strange to be able to walk into a group of people and know a good number and to see people that you love and who love you. I had some great chats with old friends.
I’d also forgotten how beautiful Canberra is. The extravagant spaces and endless trees. The pace of life is more human, less dictated by money and need to pay a Sydney mortage.
We stayed with Summer and James Sinclair, some other very special friends, and had brunch with them in a great cafe in Yarralumla that used to be a Sunday afternoon resort for us. A Canberra Saturday morning seems to involve people out at cafes, or walking, cycling. It’s all stuff we took for granted.
The whole Saturday was dominated by food. Emma went off for lunch with some old work friends, I went into Civic for lunch with Anthea, an all time favourite luncheon partner of mine. Considering that I’d just come from a late breakfast, we started with a beer at the pub, before moving on to lunch at Cafe della Piazza (aside: I have never ever been disappointed with that cafe…) and then a round of coffees.
And then we rolled back to Sydney…
… and guess what…
we went out for dinner with my sister and her husband, to Pancakes at the Rocks. uargh, I was really starting to fade by the end of the evening…


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  1. Why thank you, you too are one of my favourite luncheon partners, and I am converted to Cafe Della Piazza, the only place I've been to in Canberra of late that I didn't feel my visibly aging in the interval between ordering and getting the food. Interesting to hear the things you miss about Canberra, living here still makes me feel like I'm walking around in circles in a small paddock when over the fence is a great big green pasture demanding to be explored. But maybe that's just because I read Billy Goats Gruff too many times a small child.


  2. Were the Billy Goats walking around in a small paddock?
    hmm, that explains why they needed to get over the bridge with the troll…
    – It was all about the pastures being greener on the other side of the bridge.
    (note the subtle Sydney reference)


  3. Obviously not.

    Anyhow, I just discovered that your RSS feed has changed. Here I was checking the old feed every day thinking "Gee, Dan has really let the blog go since he moved to college." How wrong I was.

    Did you seeyour church in the news?



  4. I only just discovered that you'd changed the RSS feed. Here I was checking the old feed every day thinking "Gee, Dan has really let the blog go since he moved to college." Seems I was entirely mistaken.


  5. "Are these comments moderated?"

    …Only Anthea's comments, I never know what she'll come out with. I need insurance.
    Actually no, comments aren't moderated other than the requirement for an email address.
    There is some spam protection software running that seems to do a pretty good job.


  6. Sorry about the RSS change, I'm not quite sure when that happened. I thought I had preserved the links but a few people have told me that it fell through. I'm on top of that for the future I hope.
    Nice to have you reading James!


  7. And now I see the point of your question…
    Akismet, which is the spam monitoring software is set to moderate comments that include multiple links, which is basically everything with a link once you've entered your email address. If you include a link in a comment (which is great and wonderful) you'll have to await my approval. That's so I don't get innocent readers directed to sites of which I don't approve. If you don't post links, your comment should appear immediately.


  8. As to seeing our Church in the news, yep! It was pretty funny. I'm going to post about it in a bit more detail…


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