How to have a baby at home

ACT 1: HOW TO PREPARE [Emma, rolling over in bed on the morning of May 14, 2015] "I think I'm having contractions" [Dan, calmly freaking out] "You think you are? You're not sure? This could all just be a dream, we're all brains in vats, it's impossible for us to know anything with absolute certainty… Continue reading How to have a baby at home

Antenatal Classes

[a nativity poem in three trimesters] The First Trimester Miriam’s chromosome in courting spirals Embraces another, such an other — an unfathomable Y. All the junk, viral, evolutionary, specific, sanctified, elected, DNA of humanity in his threadbare pockets. An utterly adopted son. A why of Adam and of Miriam’s flesh Of meiotic grace eternally begotten… Continue reading Antenatal Classes

The Dancer

[For Nat, 3 years old] Morning for me is all about weight. I rise and balance myself on the precipitous edge of the bed, teetering there and staring down into the day, feeling the flesh take hold. Gravity sucking on my bones. Bureaucratic little mind voice already listing off the things that I will not get done… Continue reading The Dancer